Paper egg tray machine supplier
paper egg tray machine supplier

Shuliy machinery has develop and sold egg tray machinery for over ten years, our machines have been exported to Nigeria, Zambia, Philippines and so on. Our customers have used our machines to make egg trays and started to make a profit, which developed their life quality. Today, our Shuliy egg tray machine supplier would like to share some common FAQs summarised by our engineers to you.

Raw materials of paper egg tray

What are egg trays made of?

The raw material for making paper egg trays is pulp, and there are many kinds of raw materials that can be used to make pulp, such as notebooks, expired magazines, A4 paper, newspapers, recycled paper products, and cardboard. Waste newspapers, waste egg trays, waste carton paper, waste printed matter, and scraps from various paper products factories, etc.

About Paper trays

How many eggs are in a tray?

We offer two standard egg trays which are 24-hole egg trays and 30-hole egg trays. In addition, we also provide molds for making quail egg trays, duck egg trays, goose egg trays, turkey egg trays, etc. We provide customized services. If you are interested in egg trays, welcome to leave your request, our manager will provide you with a solution.

Does Shuliy egg tray supplier produce other trays besides egg trays?

The paper egg tray machine can not only make chicken egg trays but also duck egg trays. turkey egg trays etc. In addition, according to the different molds, it can be used for shoe trays, seedling trays, packaging trays, wine trays, bottle trays, coffee cup trays, fruit trays, etc. If you have other needs, you can communicate with our sales staff to customize a special type of mold for you.

How to make colored paper trays?

If you want to make colorful egg trays, you can add pigments during the pulp-making step.

Are our egg trays waterproof?

Generally speaking, there are no additives in the production process of paper egg trays. If customers have waterproof requirements, a certain proportion of waterproofing agents can be added.

Are egg trays biodegradable?

Using pulp to make egg trays belongs to the comprehensive development and utilization of waste. The whole process of production is environmentally friendly, and there will be no waste output. The water used in the production process is used in a closed cycle, and no waste water or waste gas is discharged. The finished egg tray product can also be recycled after use. Even if it is discarded in the natural environment, it is as easy to rot and decompose into organic substances as ordinary paper. Therefore, it is a completely environmentally friendly product.

How much will cost for the whole line?

In the complete egg tray production line, there is a pulping tank, egg tray making machine, drying machines and packing machines, the prices are different according to the capacity. The smaller capacity and machine have lower prices. If you are interested, welcome to consult us, we will send you machine quotation as soon as possible.

Egg tray drying machine

How many drying methods does Shuliy egg tray machine supplier suggest?

Freshly made egg trays need to be dried. Generally speaking, there are three main drying methods, including natural drying, brick drying system, and metal drying system. When choosing the right drying method, consider the following factors, including egg tray yield, local environment, local labor costs, and more.

How long does it take to dry naturally?

The time required to air-dry the egg tray depends on the local weather, humidity, and wind speed. The higher the temperature, the faster the air circulation, the more helpful the evaporation of moisture, and the shorter the drying time of the egg tray.

About Paper egg tray machine supplier

What kind of services will we provide?

Shuliy’s technicians and engineers will help customers to design the right plant according to their actual situation and requirements. The main factors are machine output, plant site area, final product and capital. We build the machines according to the contractual standards agreed upon by both parties. The manufacturing process will be communicated to the customer through photos. In addition, the technical department will handle unexpected problems and ensure on-time delivery.

Can Shuliy egg tray machine supplier assist customers to install the machine?

After receiving your inquiry, our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible and send you the machine details and quotation. Follow-up will continue to solve your questions about the machine, such as machine model, output, etc. After payment, our engineer will deliver the goods as soon as possible. Our sales staff will explain how to install the egg tray machine for you, and can provide installation instruction videos. Also, if you need it, we will send engineers to your factory to assist with the installation.