Good news to everyone! Shuliy Machinery has exported a small egg tray machine to Cameroon this year. The customer in Cameroon sent us some photos and videos last week and told us they were very satisfied with the egg tray machine and have produced egg trays with excellent quality.

SL-3*1 small egg tray machine shipped to Cameroon

This egg tray making machine is used to make paper egg trays, which model is SL-3*1, and the capacity is 1000-1500pcs per hour. In Cameroon, there are some poultry farms that need paper egg trays. So, this customer ordered this egg tray machine to begin the egg tray business. Upon receipt of the small egg tray making machine for sale, the customer was very satisfied and started to install the egg tray machine immediately.

During the installation process, our engineers were available online to guide the customer through the installation process. The engineer adjusted the installation and equipment parameters to the customer’s needs. Finally, the installation process went very smoothly. Once the egg tray machine started working, it fully met the customer’s needs.

Small egg tray machine
egg trays made in Kameroon with Shuliy egg tray machine

Video of small egg tray machine sent to Cameroon

After the project had been running for a while, the customer sent a video of the operation. The video shows the whole plant, including the pulp-making process, egg tray-forming process, drying process, etc. The whole egg tray production line is highly efficient and the finished products are of good quality, which brings profit to the customer in Cameroon.