A complete set of egg carton molding machines has been successfully installed in Saudi Arabia recently and has been put into production. This egg tray processing project can help a paper mill in Saudi Arabia save a large amount of pulp resources and produce egg trays that can be recycled. This case study exemplifies Shuliy Factory’s commitment to providing customized solutions and professional support to clients worldwide, making dreams of profitable and sustainable ventures a reality.

Finished egg carton molding machine in shuliy factory
finished egg carton molding machine in the Shuliy factory

Saudi Arab customer profile for egg carton molding machine

In a region known for its rich resources and innovative industries, a small paper mill in Saudi Arabia was poised for transformation.

With abundant and affordable waste paper resources produced during their papermaking process, the mill’s owner recognized an opportunity to venture into the egg carton manufacturing business.

This led them to explore various egg carton machine suppliers, including several in China. However, it was their encounter with Shuliy Factory that truly set the stage for their ambitious journey.

Egg carton production
egg carton production

How did we serve this customer?

Our Saudi client had already consulted multiple Chinese egg carton machine suppliers, gaining a fundamental understanding of the egg carton production process. Armed with this knowledge, they approached Shuliy Factory for further guidance.

With ample space available at their facility, they provided us with detailed measurements, enabling us to design a customized CAD layout for their egg carton production line.

One of Shuliy Factory’s key strengths is providing tailor-made solutions to meet our client’s specific needs. In this case, we designed a complete egg carton processing line for our Saudi client.

This included a pulp beater, egg carton molding machine, continuous egg carton drying machine, and various water pumps – all meticulously calculated to optimize their production capacity.

We didn’t stop at just providing equipment; we went the extra mile by offering an in-depth ROI analysis. Our experts calculated the projected investment yield for the egg carton business over the next three years based on their production conditions and available resources. This level of professionalism, paired with our CAD layout, astounded and impressed our client.

Our Saudi client made the momentous decision to purchase the full egg carton processing line. Shuliy Factory ensured a seamless transition by providing comprehensive training and support to guarantee a successful venture.

Egg carton machine working video