The equipment for the industrialized processing of fruit paper trays is now an important investment project for many investors. Among them, the paper apple tray making machine is an ideal machine for processing fruit trays. This commercial apple tray processing machine can recycle various waste paper boxes and newspapers and process them into fruit trays of different specifications. Moreover, the size, color, weight, etc. of the processed paper apple tray can be customized according to customer needs.

Introduction of the paper apple tray making machine

Pulp Apple Tray Machine uses waste newspapers, waste cartons, waste printed matter, and scraps from various paper products factories as raw materials, and is mixed into a certain concentration of slurry through processes such as hydraulic disintegration, filtration, and water injection. The special metal mold is vacuum-adsorbed into a wet blank product, and the formed wet blank is then dried and hot-pressed to shape it.

Components of the paper pulp fruit trays production line

The apple tray making machine has a compact structure and relatively simple operation method. Processing pulp apple trays usually requires a complete set of processing equipment, such as a pulping machine, pulp mixer, pulp storage tank, apple tray forming machine, and apple tray dryer.

Small type apple tray maker machine
small type apple tray maker machine

1-Pulping system: pulper, slurry pump, vibrating screen, refiner, agitator, etc.
2- Molding system: drum molding machine, mold, air compressor, air compressor tank, vacuum pump, vacuum tank, high-pressure water pump, steam-water separation pump, etc.
3-Drying system: hot air blower, dehumidification fan, dehumidification pipe, burner, combustion chamber, conveyor belt, chain, etc.
4-Packing system: pressing equipment, packing machine, etc.

Raw materials for making paper apple trays

The raw materials for the production of paper apple egg trays are mainly waste newspapers, cartons, and scrap paper from paper mills, carton factories, and printing plants. Therefore, the raw material resources used in the production of fruit trays are abundant, the price is low, and the production cost is low.

Raw materials for making apple trays
raw materials for making apple trays

In addition, there is no wastewater or waste gas discharged during the apple tray production process. The water used in the production process can be recycled, will not pollute the environment, and can save water costs.

Types of paper apple trays

The paper apple trays making machine can process various shapes of fruit trays. These different types of fruit trays can be used to hold different fruits and vegetables, such as pears, tangerines, oranges, kiwis, persimmons, tomatoes, etc. Moreover, the size, color, thickness and shape of the apple tray can be customized.

All kinds of fruit trays
all kinds of fruit trays

How to make apple trays smoother?

Apple trays processed by a fruit tray processing machine usually have rough surfaces. The apple trays we often see are usually smooth and regular in shape. Why? This is because the paper tray directly pressed by the apple tray pulp forming machine needs to be further heated and extruded. We can use a hot press to further process the apple tray.

Paper apple trays hot-pressing machine
paper apple trays hot-pressing machine