Egg tray mold is customized according to the customer’s requirements. People use this machine to make different shape egg tray for different use. The mold shape and mold size is the focus of people’s concern. We provide mold designing and testing. We have designed many egg tray mold for the different customer to export foreign countries. Such as shoe tray, electronic tray, wine tray, fruit tray, egg carton, etc.

Egg tray

Egg carton

Toy Mold

Parameters of the egg tray production line

ModelSL-3*1SL-3*4SL-4*4SL-4*8SL-5*8SL-5*12 SL-6*12
Paper consumption(kg/h)120200280320400480640
Water consumption(kg/h)3004505606007509001040
Single layer drying tunnel consumablesCoal(kg/h)73109150170192218300
Natural gas(m³/h)253751586375103
Liquefied gas electricity(kw/h)3314955636808269901360
Workshop floor space(㎡)4580100100140180250
Dryer floor space(㎡) 216216216238260300

Advantages of the egg tray mold of the egg tray machine

1.Various shapes of the egg tray mold

Egg tray, fruit tray, electric inner tray, fragile product tray, food packing tray, etc, plays an important role in our daily life. Egg trays are very common in our daily lives. it exists in various forms. Our factory has been produced many shapes of egg trays for different application. For example, apple tray, shoe tray, wine tray and so on. Wide range of applications makes it very popular.

2.Sophisticated design

The perfect combination of adsorption mold and transfer mold makes production more efficient. The egg tray mold is made of high quality material that has a long service life. Sophisticated design makes the finished product has a beautiful appearance and with high quality.

3.The mold is easy to change

We are improving our technology according to customer’s requirements. We have also produced a multipurpose pulp forming machine with demountable molding dies, which greatly decrease the cost.

Importance of the egg mold

Because the custom mold needs to be perfectly matched with the transfer mold, then you will get high quality egg tray. So it needs experienced workers to do this job. If the mold can’t meets the requirements of the customer, the whole production line has no meaning. The mold can affect production capacity. You can see the chart, the egg tray mold determines the egg tray output. Also, the quality of the egg tray is related to the mold, like the width of the edge, the space between grooves, the depth of the groove, etc. Anyway, we have over ten years experience engineers and worker to design and produce. We will try our best to meet the customer’s requirements.