Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery is an egg tray machine manufacturer that has over ten years of production experience. In recent years, with the call for environmental protection, the waste recycling industry has become a hot industry. Especially the egg tray machine has become the first choice for people to invest. Rich and cheap raw material resource, board sales market and high production efficiency are the reasons for people to choose it.

8 side egg tray machine 1

Introduction of the 8 tray machine

SL-4*8 can produce about 4000 eggshells per hour. Egg plate molds can be customized according to the buyer’s requirements. This equipment can be continuously produced and ensures production capacity. In addition, because the whole production process is recycled waste paper, no pollution sources, so it is called green environmental protection machinery.

Model SL-5*8 egg tray machine can produce about 5000pcs egg tray per hour. It is 45 angles and eight plates rotary tray machine. Eight plates forming board, and all systems can be connected. This transfer arm to make a 90-degree reciprocating motion. The working efficiency is very high.

Parameters of the 8 side egg tray machine

ModelCapacityWater paperWater consumptionElectricity consumptionWorker
8 side egg tray machine 1 1

How to make egg trays?

Raw materials are mainly straw pulp, slurry, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, waste paperboard, waste paper box paper, waste white paper, paper mill tail pulp waste, etc. The raw material has a wide range of source and is easy to collect. The egg tray machine is the main machine for the egg tray production line. Feeding the pulp in the pulp pool into the molding machine. The pulp is absorbed by the vacuum system, and the pulp is molded by the mold on the equipment. The water is absorbing and transporting back into the pulp pool through the vacuum pump. The water can be recycled. After the mold adsorbs the water slurry, the transfer mold is discharged through the air compressor. The finished product is blown from the forming mold onto the transfer mold, and then it is sent out by the transfer mold.  

Why egg tray equipment is so popular on the market?

Environmental friend: With the development of society, more and more people are paying attention to environmental protection issues. The environment is that people depend on for survival. So we have to protect the environment through various channels. Recycling of waste paper is a way to protect the environment. No pollution will occur during the production process.

Functions: The main function of the egg tray is shock absorption. Separate items, such as fragile items, to reduce the rate of breakage of items during transportation or storage.

Price: The egg tray machine has the machine has several models to choose. If you want to start a business from small, this is a good choice. The investment is not high and you can take back the investment when the machine starts to produce. Egg tray machine for sale with reasonable price from Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery.