The Mexican customer ordered a 2000pcs/h egg tray maker machine from the Shuliy factory and the shipment was arranged last weekend. The small-sized egg tray maker machine will be used in the Mexican customer’s duck farm to process egg trays for storing duck eggs.

Small egg tray molding machine for mexico
small egg tray molding machine for Mexico

Reason to Buy Egg Tray Maker Machine

In Mexico, a small duck egg farm is making a name for itself by providing high-quality duck eggs. However, they recognized the need to enhance efficiency in packaging and transportation. To meet their requirements, they sought a high-performance, small-scale egg tray manufacturing machine capable of accommodating their daily duck egg production.

Custom Solution by Shuliy Factory

They reached out to Shuliy Factory, which specializes in providing cost-effective egg tray processing equipment to customers worldwide. Our team places significant emphasis on the unique needs of our clients, offering a tailored solution for this farm.

Based on their daily duck egg production, we recommended an egg tray manufacturing machine with a capacity of around 2000 pieces per hour. Furthermore, to ensure a perfect fit for the duck egg dimensions, we designed customized egg tray molds.

Shuliy egg tray makers factory
Shuliy egg tray makers factory

Customer Satisfaction is Our Pride

The farm was highly satisfied with the solution we provided and promptly paid the deposit. Last weekend, when we completed the equipment’s production and ensured it met high standards, the customer made the final payment.

We promptly arranged for the equipment to be shipped. Now, they have an efficient egg tray manufacturing machine, guaranteeing that duck eggs remain in optimal condition during packaging and transportation.

Machine test before shipping to Mexico

Shuliy Egg Tray Maker Machine for Sale

Shuliy Factory offers cost-effective egg tray machines to customers worldwide. We focus not only on providing excellent equipment but also on addressing the unique needs of each customer.

If you are also in search of high-quality egg tray manufacturing equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide a customized solution based on your requirements. Choose Shuliy Factory, and let us enhance the efficiency of your product packaging and transportation.