Egg carton making machine

egg tray making machine

The egg carton making machine is the most important machine in the egg tray production equipment. This machine adopts the principle of hot press forming. The paper pulp transformed into fiber suspension is evenly coated on the surface of the mold, and then it is pressed to form the egg tray. This machine can be … Read more

Egg tray making machine

12 Egg Tray Machine

Egg tray making machine (production line) is used to produce all kinds of egg tray. Egg trays are visible in our lives with many forms and functions. Its raw material is all kinds of waste paper. Because of its simple production process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is called “green” industry. Egg tray … Read more

Egg tray packing equipment

Egg tray packing machine is a machine for arranging egg trays. Packing is the last step in the egg tray production line. Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery not only produces egg tray making machine but also produces the related products, such as egg tray making machine, egg tray drying machine and so on. With rich production experience … Read more

Egg tray drying equipment

egg tray production line

Egg tray drying equipment is closely related to the output of the egg tray machine. The egg tray is sent to the drying equipment to dry. There are mainly three drying methods for egg tray. We can provide a suitable drying method according to different capacity, fuel, labor, factory space, cost and, other factors. Egg … Read more

Pulping Equipment

Pulping equipment including the hydra pulper, pulp pump, and other parts. The equipment is mainly used to process the waste into paper pulp. This is the first step for egg tray making, which is also an essential machine for the egg tray production line. Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery has a professional technology that the pulp equipment … Read more

Egg tray production line | paper pulp egg tray processing plant

paper egg tray making plant for sale

The egg tray production line also called the automatic paper pulp egg tray plant, which mainly consists of four parts: paper pulp mixer, egg tray molding machine, egg trays drying machine, and egg trays packaging machine. This industrial egg tray production line can turn many waste paper, newspapers, waste cartons, and paper boxes into egg trays, fruit trays, coffee cup trays, disposable paper lunch boxes, etc.