Good news! A customer from Chad came to China recently and visited our egg tray manufacturing factory. Our project manager Tina went to the airport to pick up our customer and took him to our company.

Customer’s visit to Shuliy

The customer from Chad came to visit our company and egg tray machine factory and asked about how our equipment works, the process of egg tray production, and so on. Our sales manager Tina answered his questions very patiently and showed him the egg trays made by our machine. The customer was very satisfied with the finished product and thought it was the machine he needed, so he quickly placed the order.

Why did customer need an egg tray making machine in Chad?

Our client is a poultry farmer with a small chicken farm. He is very cost conscious and wants to reduce the additional costs associated with purchasing egg trays from outside. Therefore, he decided to purchase an egg tray making machine in order to produce egg trays on his own farm.

In this way, he can reduce costs by producing the egg trays in-house and take control of the quality and efficiency of the egg tray production process. We are pleased to have been able to provide him with an efficient and reliable egg tray production machine and to help him achieve his goals of cost control and production autonomy.

Parameters of egg tray production machine shipped to Chad

Egg tray production machineModel: 4*1
Capacity: 2000pcs/h
1 set
PulperModel: SL1.01 set
ColorYellow, one bag is 25kg4 bags
ColorBlue, one bag is 25kg1 bag