Paper egg tray machine for exporting

Successful Investment in Egg Carton Molding Machine from Saudi Arab

A complete set of egg carton molding machines has been successfully installed in Saudi Arabia recently and has been put into production. This egg tray processing project can help a....

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Egg tray maker for sale

2000pcs/h Egg Tray Maker Machine for Mexico Farm

The Mexican customer ordered a 2000pcs/h egg tray maker machine from the Shuliy factory and the shipment was arranged last weekend. The small-sized egg tray maker machine will be used....

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Customer photo 1

SL-4*1 Egg Tray Production Machine shipped to Chad

Good news! A customer from Chad came to China recently and visited our egg tray manufacturing factory. Our project manager Tina went to the airport to pick up our customer....

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Egg tray equipment

Top 10 egg tray forming machine shipped to Uzbekistan

Good news! Shuliy egg tray forming machine shipped to Uzbekistan in 2023. The customer will use the egg tray-making machine to produce paper egg trays. Now the machine has started....

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Small egg tray machine

1000pcs/h Small Egg Tray Machine Sent to Cameroon in 2022

Good news to everyone! Shuliy Machinery has exported a small egg tray machine to Cameroon this year. The customer in Cameroon sent us some photos and videos last week and....

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Egg tray production line

Egg tray making machine shipped to Western Samoa

Our company recently exported a set of equipment for the production of egg tray machines to Western Samoa. This customer from Western Samoa has a local factory. In order to....

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Egg tray making machine

Egg tray making machine shipped to Zambia

Egg tray production line, also known as the automatic pulp and egg tray factory, is mainly composed of four parts: pulp mixer, egg tray making machine(egg tray forming machine), egg....

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Egg tray making machine

egg tray making machine Shipped to the Philippines

n December of this year, We export to the Philippines egg tray machine. The Philippine customer specializes in the production of egg trays. This is the first time he has....

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