Egg tray production line, also known as the automatic pulp and egg tray factory, is mainly composed of four parts: pulp mixer, egg tray making machine(egg tray forming machine), egg tray dryer and egg tray packaging machine.

This industrial egg tray production line is loved by customers in many countries, such as the Philippines and Zambia. Recently, we shipped another egg tray machine to Zambia, the output is 1000-1500 pieces per hour, and now the customer has received the machine and started to produce egg trays normally.

Why did customers in Zambia choose us?

Zambia is rich in water resources, land resources and many farms. The customer has a local egg tray processing factory, provides egg trays for major chicken factories and farms. In order to increase production, the customer decided to invest in an extra egg tray machine, so they found our website when they browsed the manufacturer online.

Details of customers in Zambia

The production line bought by customers in Zambia included three-part, they are one egg tray machines. a set of forming devices and a set of pulping machines. The forming devices mainly includes forming mold, electromagnetic valve, cylinder, control cabinet, and so on. Pulping machines are pulp pond, pulp pump+5m water belt+2m pump pipe+discharge hole and so on.

Egg tray making machineModel:3*1
Capacity:1000-1500 pcs/h

Loading and delivery of egg tray making machine

Feedback video of Customer

After our customers received the egg tray machine, they started to use it at once. At first, they had some problems with machine installation, our engineer contacted them and taught them how to solve the problem.