Egg tray making machine is a hot sale machine in recent years. With the development of society, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger. When people choose products, they will give priority to environmentally friendly products. In the packaging industry, this machine is increasingly favored by people. The main raw material of the egg tray is various waste paper. Magazines, etc. It will not pollute the environment during the egg tray production process.

We have been exported to many foreign countries. Cheap material is easy to collect. Automatic production makes the process easier. The secondary recycling of waste paper maximizes the value of waste paper resources. Because the traditional method of making paper from logs consumes a lot of wood, destroys the ecology, and causes serious pollution. Therefore,  “urban papermaking” using waste paper has become the development trend of the modern paper industry. Also, waste paper recycling becomes a hot business nowadays.

Egg tray

Usually, waste paper is processed into egg tray by the egg tray maker. It can make various shape tray for a different product. It can produce wine tray, apple tray, seedling tray and so on by changing the mold. As it has a wide application, it has a wild sales market for many industries. With its good protection performance and low price, it is an ideal product for egg and fruit product packaging.

Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery

The whole production for egg tray machine is very simple. It mainly includes four steps: pulping – egg tray molding – egg tray drying – packing. It only needs several people to operate the whole production. For countries with higher labor costs, this investment way is very cost-effective. The main machine is the egg tray molding machine. If you want to make a special mold, the mold needs to be customized. If you need a colorful egg tray, you need to add color into the pulping machine. The capacity is related to the egg tray molding machine. The drying method is associated with the capacity. If the capacity under 2000pcs per hour, you can choose natural drying to reduce the cost. If the capacity more than 2000pcs per hour, you need to choose brick drying or layer metal belt drying.

The egg tray production line becomes a more popular business to invest. Egg tray for sale is very easy since it has a broad sales market. The final products can be egg trays, egg cartons, egg box, fruit trays and so on. Therefore, it is a good choice to start a business.