Commercial egg tray making machine is special equipment for processing pulp egg trays, and it is also a necessary machine for many egg tray processing plants. The egg tray machine’s processing capacity is usually very large, from 2000 to 4500 pieces per hour. Nowadays, the industrial egg tray making machines are very popular in South Africa, mainly because the local climatic conditions are suitable for processing egg trays and the production cost is low.

What is egg tray machine for sale in South Africa?

The reason why the industrial egg tray machine is popular in South Africa is that it not only enables egg tray processors to obtain huge economic benefits but also promotes the development of local industries and encourages the employment of workers.

South africa customer visited our factory
South africa customer visited our factory

The egg tray processing business has gradually become popular in many countries in Africa. The industrial method of processing egg trays is usually made by using a commercial paper pulp egg tray making machine, which can squeeze the pulp and remove water to form an egg tray product with a certain shape.

Why is it cheaper to process egg trays in South Africa?

Climatic conditions

The cost of processing egg trays mainly includes the cost of purchasing an egg tray processing machine, the cost of hiring workers, and the cost of establishing an egg tray processing factory. But the cost of egg tray processing business in South Africa and other African countries is lower. Why?

This is because the climatic conditions in many African countries are relatively dry, so the processed egg tray products can be dried. In this way, customers do not need to purchase egg tray dryers, which can save egg tray production costs.

Whole set of egg tray machines for shipping to south africa
whole set of egg tray machines for shipping to South Africa

Cheap worker

Another factor that contributes to the lower cost of the egg tray processing business in South Africa is that the prices of workers in Africa are generally lower.

If workers are cheap, egg tray processors can hire a large number of workers to produce egg trays in large quantities. The pulp egg tray requires a lot of labor during the drying and packaging process.

Especially if the egg tray is dried by natural drying, the demand for workers will be twice or more than the number of workers using egg tray dryers. After the egg trays are dried, workers are also required to collect the egg trays and pack and ship them.

Cheap raw materials

The egg tray processing plant processes egg trays by recycling all kinds of waste paper and cartons. The raw materials for making pulp egg trays are very cheap and abundant in South Africa. Therefore, the cost of raw materials for processing egg trays with egg tray machines in South Africa is relatively low.