The egg tray machine is the important equipment to produce paper trays, as any machinery and equipment, they should be regular maintenance. Egg tray machines also need to carry out regular maintenance. However, How to maintain the egg tray machine?

Egg tray making machine
egg tray making machine

During the operation of the egg tray machine, it is inevitable to come into contact with water, so it is more necessary to maintain the egg tray machine to prolong its service life. The operator of the factory can regularly use a sponge or alcohol, volatile oil, alcohol, toluene, and acetone mixed solution to wipe. If the egg tray machine is used for a long time, rust will occur. Therefore, we must improve the maintenance awareness of the environmental protection egg tray machine and do a good job in the maintenance work. Improper use of the environmental protection egg tray machine will cause the machine to rust and degumming, so pay attention to the correct use method to prevent such a phenomenon from happening.

Egg tray machine
only a good machine can produce good paper trays

In summer, the temperature rises. In addition to sun protection, the same is true for machines. When workers use egg tray machines to produce egg trays in summer, the high-temperature environment will bring difficulties to the use of construction machinery. For example, the viscosity of the lubricating oil in the diesel engine will decrease due to the increase in temperature, which will lead to a decrease in lubrication and a decrease in power. At the same time, the internal parts of the egg tray machine are also prone to wear. Therefore, in summer construction, operators need to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of construction machinery.

In the summer, it is best for the staff to do comprehensive maintenance on the egg tray machine, replace the three filters and oil on the engine, replace or adjust the tape, check whether the performance of the fan, water pump, generator and compressor is reliable, and carry out when necessary. maintenance or replacement. For machinery working in high-temperature areas, the following points should be done:

  1. Appropriately increase the viscosity level of the oil, and check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth;
  2. It is necessary to replace the aging wires, plugs and hoses in time, check and tighten the fuel pipeline to prevent fuel leakage;
  3. Clean up the oil and dust of the engine body in time to ensure that the engine can dissipate heat well.

The staff who operate the egg tray machine outdoors in summer need to pay attention to heatstroke prevention, rest in time, ensure good health, and drink heat-relieving drinks. Hot weather can easily cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, excessive sweating and other discomforts. It is recommended that you drink more boiled water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Let us spend the summer with the machine easily and happily.