Products produced by the egg tray making machine are produced from waste paper. The material is very simple, but paper egg tray machines are very practical to use and have their own characteristics.

Paper apple tray making machine
Paper Apple Tray Making Machine

Four characteristics of paper mold produced by an egg tray machine:

  • The raw material of paper packaging products is waste paper, which is green and environmentally friendly. It will not harm the environment and can be recycled to meet the needs of enterprises at home and abroad that value environmental protection.
  • Paper mold packaging products have a wide range of applications. With the advancement of paper technology, product molds that use foam as lining packaging can now be replaced by paper molds. Our machine can also make fruit trays and cup trays.
  • Low overall cost. Waste paper is better collected than plastic, the production time and cycle are shorter, the process is simpler, and the cost of raw materials and production process is low.
  • Paper mold products are light and strong, convenient for transportation, and also reduce transportation costs.