Egg tray machine for sale is one of the most popular machines in our company, today, our sales manager and engineers in Shuliy machinery made a conclusion of common questions of egg tray machines, some of them are asked by our own customers. We hope it will help you.

Paper cup trays
paper cup trays made by egg tray machine
What Should I Do If There Are More Impurities In The Raw Material?

It is common to have more magazines in the raw material. When there are more impurities, you can add a vibrating screen to screen out impurities. A vibrating screen is used for large sizes. In addition, if you want to improve the hardness of the egg tray, customers can add some lime and bagasse to the raw material.

Do egg tray machine molds wear out during the production process?

If there are more impurities, there will be more wear and tear, but in general, there will be less wear and tear.

What are the unique advantages of Shuliy egg tray machine?

The egg tray machine uses all national standard steel, the machine has high hardness and long life.
In addition, the egg tray dryer uses all stainless steel, the machine is durable and corrosion resistant. The dryer comes with 100% insulation cotton, which is good for heat preservation and drying, and can reduce the loss of fuel.

How many pieces can be baked at a time by a metal drying machine?

There are trays inside the metal dryer, which can dry 3000-4000 pieces at a time.

How does the egg tray machine adsorb the pulp?

The egg tray machine sucks out the excess water through a vacuum pump and the pulp is adsorbed onto the transfer mold to make the egg tray, the whole process takes about 5-6 seconds

What is the function of the vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump of the egg tray machine is mainly for pumping water during the whole process.

How many pools does the customer need to build himself?

According to the customer’s output and plant area, if it is a small output, 2-3 can be enough, if the output is larger, 3-4 can be great.

How many egg trays can be obtained from one ton of paper?

It is decided according to the weight of the egg tray. Generally, the weight of an egg tray is 80g, 1000kg of raw material can get 12,500 egg trays.

What is the moisture content of the finished egg tray?

The moisture of the finished egg tray is 60-70%

What is the length and width of a regular egg tray?

The size of a regular egg tray is 30*30cm.