Our company recently exported a set of equipment for the production of egg tray machines to Western Samoa. This customer from Western Samoa has a local factory. In order to make a profit, he is going to invest in a small output egg tray machine to make some paper egg trays to sell to some local farmers’ markets and supermarkets.

Egg tray making machine
1 side egg tray making machine

Some situations in Samoa

Samoa is an agricultural country with more than 60,000 hectares of arable land. Mainly plant coconut, cocoa, coffee, taro, banana, papaya, and so on. Samoa and China have long-established friendly relations. In foreign trade, Samoa mainly imports machinery, transportation equipment, food, petroleum, building materials, and other products from China and other countries.

How did Samoa custom find us?

Customers found our website when they were looking for information about egg tray machines online. Because it is the first time to do the egg tray business, he wanted to buy a machine with a smaller output. After consulting our salesman, he learned that we have one side egg tray machine, 4 side egg tray machine and 8 side egg tray machine, he decided to choose the smallest one.

Product item of Western Samoa customer

Egg tray making machine3*11 unit
12-cell egg trayAluminum1 unit
4 cup holderAluminum1 unit
Hotpress machine1 unit
hotpress aluminum mold for 12-egg box1 unit
hotpress aluminum mold for 4-cup cupholder1 unit
Extra two pumps2 unit

Egg tray making machine loading pictures

The egg tray-making machines are packed with wooden boxes. Our sales manager has supervised the whole packing process to ensure the smooth delivery of the machine. The packing and loading pictures of the egg tray making machine and its accessories are as followings: