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Zhengzhou Shuliy machinery is a professional manufacturer for making egg tray for over 10 years. The whole production line mainly including pulping machine, egg tray machine, egg tray dryer, egg tray packing machine, etc. We are specialized for egg tray making machine and have been exported to a variety of foreign countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Marrocos, Ghana, Sudan, and other countries. We continue to learn from our production and improve our technology. Now our egg tray machine production line technology is very mature. Until now, our high-quality egg tray production line is in hot sale, which has enjoyed a good reputation among our customers from home and abroad. We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek long time cooperation for mutual benefits.  

1000-6000 pieces/h Egg Tray Machine for Sale

12 side egg tray machine

The 12 side egg tray machine including two models. The first model can produce about 6000pcs per hour, the second ...
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SL-5*8 Egg Tray Machine

8 side egg tray machine

Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery is an egg tray machine manufacturer that has over ten years of production experience. In recent years, ...
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4 side egg tray machine

Egg trays are mainly used for packaging eggs such as eggs and duck eggs. Its main function is to absorb ...
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Egg Tray Machine

1 Side Egg Tray Machine

Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized for egg tray machine. We have over ten years of experience to make ...
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Diverse Systems of Pulp Molding Production Line

egg tray production line

Egg tray drying equipment

Egg tray drying equipment is closely related to the output of the egg tray machine. The egg tray ...
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Pulping equipment

Pulping equipment including the hydra pulper, pulp pump, and other parts. The equipment is mainly used to process ...
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paper egg tray making plant for sale

Egg tray production line | paper pulp egg tray processing plant

The egg tray production line also called the automatic paper pulp egg tray plant, which mainly consists of ...
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Customer of the egg tray making machine from Nigeria

In June 2018, a customer in Nigeria wanted to produce egg trays. He is an old customer of our company ...
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Customer for egg tray making machine from Morocco

In March 2019, a customer from Morocco consulted us. He said he wanted to start the egg tray business, and ...
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Customer from Sudan for egg tray machine from Shuliy Machinery

In December 2018, we picked up Bob at the airport. We take him to our factory. Our sales consultant Sara ...
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Egg tray production line produced by Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery has many advantages

1.The raw material for egg tray production line is all kinds of waste paper, which is cheap and easy to collect. So customer can recovery of funds quickly.

2. Advanced production technology can reduce the worry of customers. We can provide our professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

3.Machine versatility: In addition to egg trays, you can also produce shoe trays, wine trays, fruit trays, and other various molds. The finished product can be used in various fields.

4. Fully automatic production can save lots of labor costs. 3-6 people can operate the whole production, which can save a lot of costs for long-term production.

5. Our egg tray machine has the capability of 1000-8000 pcs per hour. So you have a very wide selection of space. We all can meet your needs whether you are a beginner or you always want to expand production.

6. A professional team and experienced workers are the reasons why customers choose us.

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