If you want to establish an egg tray business, here has the full egg tray moulding machine production line for you. And the price will be based on your capacity, your area condition, and more. And we commend you the right egg tray machine and the dryer to reduce your investment cost. Besides, you will get the best quotes from us. Welcome to contact us now.

Egg Tray Moulding Machine for Your Business

Our egg tray moulding machine come in various models with production capacities ranging from 1000 pieces per hour to 8000 pieces per hour. Generally, for production capacities below 3000 pieces per hour, it is not recommended to use an egg tray drying machine.

Instead, the air drying method is recommended as the cost of drying is relatively high. Introducing a drying equipment would increase costs, and with lower production volumes, profitability could be limited.

For production capacities exceeding 3000 pieces per hour, while the profit margin may decrease, the higher production volume makes up for it. Therefore, even though the profit per piece may decrease slightly, the overall profitability remains favorable.

How Much Is a Full Egg Tray Production Line Price?

The cost of an egg tray production line varies based on local environmental conditions and the available factory space. Establishing a comprehensive egg tray production line involves various equipment, including a pulp making machine, egg tray moulding machine, and egg tray dryer.

The price differs for each piece of equipment due to varying production capacities – generally, higher capacity equipment comes with a higher price tag. Additionally, the choice of drying method impacts the investment cost. Drying processes may require electricity or coal, while air drying eliminates the need for additional energy expenditure.

Climate conditions greatly differ across regions; some areas have high temperatures and minimal rainfall, making air drying a suitable option – this is often the case in many African countries with consistently high temperatures. Conversely, regions with frequent rainfall and high humidity are less suitable for air drying. For the detailed cost, welcome to contact us.

Egg tray production line
Egg Tray Production Line

Paper Pulp Egg Tray Molding Line Machine

Paper Pulper:

This machine is responsible for breaking down the raw materials into a pulp mixture by combining them with water.

Egg Tray Moulding Machine:

This equipment uses the pulp mixture to form the egg trays’ shape and design, usually utilizing molds with different cavities.

Egg Tray Dryer:

The drying machine or oven applies heat to remove moisture from the molded egg trays, ensuring they are sturdy and ready for use.

Packaging Equipment:

Once dried, the egg trays are handled and packaged according to specific packaging needs.