Good news! Shuliy egg tray forming machine shipped to Uzbekistan in 2023. The customer will use the egg tray-making machine to produce paper egg trays. Now the machine has started to run normally and the final egg trays are super nice.

Why did customer need an egg tray pulp moulding machine?

The customer from Uzbekistan wanted to start a new business in the region. He wanted to mass-produce egg trays and sell them to other wholesalers or retailers.

The customer saw on our website that we have a wide range of egg tray machines that make egg trays from used paper, which is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than plastic egg trays. The customer saw the contact information on the website and contacted us via Whatsapp.

Egg tray forming machine
egg tray forming machine

Cooperation with customers and Shuliy company

Tina is our account manager. After understanding the customer’s needs for the egg tray forming machine, Tina recommended an egg tray machine with an output of 3000-3500pcs/h to meet the customer’s needs. The customer purchased two additional sets of molds and a hot press shaper. The customer wanted to make mixed molds, two different sizes at a time, and our factory also made the molds for the customer.

Feedback video of egg tray forming machine in Uzbekistan

In the video, you can see the final products are in good shape and quality. Shuliy egg tray machine has helped our customer begin their own businesses.