Pulping equipment including the hydra pulper, pulp pump, and other parts. The equipment is mainly used to process the waste into paper pulp. This is the first step for egg tray making, which is also an essential machine for the egg tray production line. Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery has a professional technology that the pulp equipment can improve the efficiency and finished product. The more broken the pulp, the better effect the egg tray.

Functions of the pulping equipment

Pulping equipment is a necessary machine in the entire production line for making a high-quality egg tray. The better effect of the pulp is disintegrated, the higher the quality of the finished product.

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Advantages of the pulping equipment

  1. Pulping equipment plays an important role in the egg tray production line. The function of the equipment is to process the waste paper that comes into pulp.
  2. The better the mixing degree of the pulp, the higher the quality of the egg tray machine.
  3. The mixing impeller is made of carbon steel, which has a longer service life.
  4. Special shape design for a higher degree of fragmentation and higher efficiency.

Main parts of the pulping eqipment


The hydra pulper is a circular tank hydraulic pulping machine, which is the special equipment for dismantling various waste papers. The special design shape changes the flow path of the slurry in the tank, which moves the vortex generated by the water from the center to the side so that the slurry is submerged as soon as possible. Therefore, the number of times the impeller in the tank is in contact with the slurry is rapidly increased to improve the efficiency of disintegration.


2.Pulp pump

Pulp pump is used for sending the paper pulp. At first, the pump sends the paper pulp into a pulp pool after the paper is crushed by the hydrapulper. Then the water from another pool is also sent to the pulp pool. The water and the paper pulping is mixed in the pulp pool. The ratio of pulp to water is 1:10. All the steps need a pump to delivery. The pump connects the all production system, which can ensure the production of normal running.


Production process introduction

When pulping, there are need three pools. One is a pulping pool, one is a water pool and the other one is a pulp supply pool. The pulp and water are delivered to the pulp supply pool by the pulping equipment according to a certain proportion. Then, processed paper pulp is sent to the egg tray mold machine by the pulp pump. Every step of the process is inseparable from the pulp pump.

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Pulping equipment
Pulping Equipment