If you’re looking for an egg tray machine Turkey, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover various aspects, from understanding the initial steps to finding the right egg tray machine supplier from China. Additionally, we’ll offer the production process, answer common questions, and help you get started on your egg tray manufacturing business.

Start Egg Tray Manufacturing Business in Turkey

Starting an egg tray manufacturing business in Turkey is a great opportunity. With the egg tray machine, you can produce eco-friendly trays for packaging eggs. First, research the market and find a suitable location.

Then, choose the right egg tray machine model from us based on your production needs. Get the necessary raw materials, like waste paper. Install the egg tray machine Turkey, learn its operation, and hire a small team. Start production and market your products to local egg producers. Get in touch with us for the best egg tray making machine for your business.

Egg Tray Machine Case in Turkey from China

Shuliy Machinery, a trusted supplier from China, has successfully contributed to several projects of egg tray machine Turkey. Our China paper egg tray machine has garnered positive feedback from customers for their efficiency and quality output. These projects align with Turkey’s growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, given its expanding egg production industry and environmental policies.

China paper egg tray machine
China Paper Egg Tray Machine

Where to Find Egg Tray Machine Turkey?

If you’re searching for an egg tray machine supplier in Turkey, look no further. Shuliy Machinery, a reliable and experienced manufacturer from China, offers high-quality egg tray machines that cater to the Turkish market.

Our machines are known for their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making them a valuable asset to entrepreneurs aiming to contribute to Turkey’s egg industry. We provide all kinds of egg tray machine Turkey for your option.

How to Produce Egg Trays in Turkey?

Raw Material Preparation:

Gather waste paper, old newspapers, and cardboard. Break them into small pieces and soak them in water to create a pulp.

Pulping Process:

Use a pulping machine to further break down the soaked materials into a consistent pulp mixture.

Molding the Trays:

Pour the pulp into the molds of the egg tray maker machine(pulp molding machine). The machine will form the pulp into the shape of egg trays.

Pressing and Drying:

Excess water is pressed out, and the trays are transferred to a drying conveyor. Heat and air circulation dry the trays.


The egg trays are now ready for packaging and distribution.

FAQs of Egg Tray Making Machine in Turkey?

1. How much is an egg tray machine turkey?

The small-scale egg tray making machine cost is approximately thousands dollars in the market. For larger machines with higher production capacities, the price can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. But we have discounts for you. Welcome to contact us for its quotes.

2. How to choose drying methods for egg trays?

The egg tray dryer is divided into brick kiln dryer, metal dryer, natural drying. It will depend on your production capacity, factory space, and more. We will assist you choose it.

3. What type of fuel is used for the machine and dryer?

The machine and dryer operate using two main sources of energy – electricity and water.