Egg tray making machine also called egg tray machine. The main raw material of the egg tray is waste paper. Because of its simple production process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is called “green” packaging. The egg tray is a popular packing in the environmental protection society. The egg tray is a good choice for people to protect the environment.

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Egg carton is made by egg tray maker. Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery is an egg tray making machine manufacturer that has about ten years of production experience. We have been exported this machine to many countries. For example, Nigeria, Morocco, Sudan, etc. Therefore, if you want to have a look at the site, we can arrange it for you. Egg tray making machine has several models for the customer to choose. Whether you want to start a business or expand your business, this is a good choice.

Paper egg tray making machine

The Egg tray has a wide application. It is used in many fields. The egg tray can pack various food. Such as fruit packing, apple packing, mango packing, pears packing and so on. This will prevent the product from being damaged during transportation. Because of its environmental friendliness, it has become the first choice for people to package products. The egg tray can also use for fragile products. Such as porcelain, glass and so on. Waste paper is easy to collect. And the raw material is cheap and rich. It needs to be very careful when transporting fragile items. Therefore, so choosing a suitable package is very important. The egg tray is thicker and the product will not shake. Egg tray stability is better.

Egg tray not only for packing egg but also various products. The multifunctional function depends on the status in the packing industry. Egg tray making machine can make different shapes according to different product shapes. Therefore, it is popular in many industries. In addition, the egg tray can be of various colors. Put the color you need when mixing the pulping. The raw material is pulping. It is not too hard to cause damage to eggs. The egg tray itself has a certain hardness. It will not damage the product within a certain range, which greatly facilitates transportation, improves the delivery speed of eggs, and ensures the freshness of eggs. Therefore, egg tray machines have been widely used.

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We are a professional manufacturer of the egg tray maker. For machinery, professional technology is very important. Zhengzhou Shuliy is very reliable with professional sales staff and after-sales service. Because the egg tray production line needs a professional engineer to design the factory site, we can design drawings according to the customer’s situation. Also, our engineers can go to the customer country to help customers install. The market for egg trays is becoming more and more extensive, and egg tray machines have become the first choice for people to invest. Egg tray for sale becomes more and more popular.