Commercial egg tray machine is the main equipment for making all kinds of egg trays. The egg tray processing business is also a profitable industry. At present, many investors pay attention to egg tray production projects. Shuliy’s egg tray machines have been exported to many countries, especially popular in many African countries. Recently, our factory exported 2000pcs/h egg tray machines to Afghanistan.

Advantages of Shuliy egg tray machine

Shuliy egg tray machine is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The commercial egg tray machine has proven high efficiency, low maintenance, and energy-saving during years of practice. It can use all kinds of waste paper and cartons to produce high-quality molded pulp trays.

Raw material and final production
raw material and final production

The main products of the egg tray making machine are egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, meat portion trays, vegetable portion trays, fruit portion trays, can trays, seed pots, seed cubes, etc. This egg tray processing equipment is a satisfyingly high return investment for entrepreneurs or investors who wants a stable and consistent business.

What kind of egg trays can be made with the egg tray machine

In fact, the egg tray machine is just a forming equipment, it can process paper trays of various shapes and specifications. The raw material of this egg tray forming machine is evenly mixed pulp.

We make different paper trays by changing different forming molds to the egg tray machine. Moreover, in addition to processing egg trays, this equipment is also ideal equipment for processing various coffee trays and fruit trays.

Customer visiting for egg tray machine
customer visiting for egg tray machine

Details of the 2000pcs/h egg tray machine for afghanistan

The Afghan customer has a medium-sized chicken farm that mainly sells eggs to the local market. Because a large number of eggs are not easy to sort and ship, he needs a large number of paper egg trays.

However, there are few local egg tray manufacturers, and the cost of buying finished egg trays is high, so he decided to buy egg tray machines for his farm and produce egg trays by himself.

According to the customer’s processing needs, we recommended an egg tray machine with an output of 2000pcs/h to him. The processing volume of this kind of egg tray machine is very large, and the customer usually only needs half a day of processing time to produce enough egg trays for him to use for two months. Therefore, the Afghan client does not need to hire workers to produce egg trays.