In December of this year, We export to the Philippines egg tray machine. The Philippine customer specializes in the production of egg trays. This is the first time he has done this business. However, after examining the surrounding environment and needs, it is believed that there can be a good development.

The first is because the raw materials used in the production of egg trays are simple, the cost is low, and the profit of the egg tray business is high. In addition, the egg tray production business meets the requirements of a hygienic environment, and the production process is pollution-free. In addition, the scale of chicken farming in various countries is relatively large. There is a great demand for egg trays. So egg tray machines have always been very popular.

Egg tray making machine
Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg tray production process

The production of egg trays uses waste cartons as raw materials. In addition, the customer needs to build three tanks, a homogenization tank, a slurry supply tank, and a storage tank. Hotpress the raw material into shape. Then it can be packaged and sold after drying.

Egg tray
Example Of Egg Tray Usage

egg tray machine Philippines customer transaction details

Egg tray making machine Philippines customers choose the 4 side egg tray machine. We also have other production egg tray production machines. In addition, if you want to make packaging for other fragile items, we can also customize different molds, such as making Packaging shells for red wine or packaging for other fruits, and packaging of different colors can be made according to the product packaging design during the production process of the egg tray.

Egg tray
Egg Tray

What help can we provide to egg tray customers?

We can customize production molds for customers, design professional drawings of production lines, and facilitate customers to arrange production sites. And can give reasonable suggestions to the problems encountered in the production process.