Customer for egg tray making machine from Morocco

In March 2019, a customer from Morocco consulted us. He said he wanted to start the egg tray business, and he was a novice in the business and did not know how to start. When we got to know the situation, we told him that we could teach him how to operate the machine and … Read more

Egg tray drying equipment

egg tray production line

Egg tray drying equipment is closely related to the output of the egg tray machine. The egg tray is sent to the drying equipment to dry. There are mainly three drying methods for egg tray. We can provide a suitable drying method according to different capacity, fuel, labor, factory space, cost and, other factors. Egg … Read more

Egg tray mold

Egg tray mold is customized according to the customer’s requirements. People use this machine to make different shape egg tray for different use. The mold shape and mold size is the focus of people’s concern. We provide mold designing and testing. We have designed many egg tray mold for the different customer to export foreign … Read more