Machine parts play a vital role in the manufacturing process. Each machine is made up of different parts. If the parts are damaged, it will affect the quality of the goods, reduce the service life of the machine, and even pose a life threat to the workers who use the machine. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and test the accessories. Today we mainly discuss the egg tray mold of the egg tray machine, the main accessories for forming egg tray.

Egg tray mold
Egg Tray Molds

The number of times the mold is used is very large. Each time the egg tray is made, it is necessary to open and close the mold once, and the mold will be seriously worn for a long time. In addition, since the mold is in contact with water for a long time, although it is made of stainless steel, it will have a certain influence for a long time. When the wear is accumulated to a certain extent, the mold will be scrapped and can no longer be used.

The stock of the egg tray mold
The Stock Of The Egg Tray Molds

Therefore, pay more attention to the maintenance of the egg tray mold during daily use.

1. Remember to lubricate the mold before use.

2. Minimize the friction of each mold operation and prolong the service life.

3. Do not directly touch the mold with your hands before the machine stops working to prevent people from being hurt.

4. Use special clamps to pick and place products to reduce work.

5. When not in production, the egg tray equipment mold should first clean the mold cavity and then put on anti-rust oil.

6. Regularly check the measurement mold size, record the data, and perform mold loss analysis to control the product quality within the qualified range.

If the mold is worn or damaged, please change the mold in time to avoid damage to the quality of the product.