The paper pulp molding machine has a wide range of applications. The machine is often used for egg tray production, but just change the different molds, the pulp molding machine can also be used for the fruit tray, coffee cup tray production, and many other products. Today, we will introduce you some paper products for your reference.

Introduction of paper pulp molding machine

Raw materials: Waste paper, cardboard, magazines, etc.

Prospect: It belongs to the environmental protection industry and has a broad market prospect. It needs a small investment and the return is fast.

Output: Taking the egg tray as an example, we have a variety of specifications to fully meet the user’s demand for any output, which can range from 1000-6000pcs/h.

Labor demand: Simple technical operation, less labor.

Drying method: Automatic drying line is available, more suitable for civil natural drying and drying room drying.

Egg tray making machine 6
Paper pulp molding machine

Paper Pulp Molding Line Machine Video

Final product of pulp molding machine

Paper egg tray

The egg tray made of paper pulp molding machine is clean and hygienic, free from insects, meets the market requirement standard and can be recycled without polluting the environment. Egg trays can be stacked and stored, reducing storage and freight costs.

The thickened pulp egg tray can effectively avoid the breakage of eggs during the transportation process. With easy access to raw materials and low prices, many chicken farms choose to invest in an egg tray machine.

Egg tray machine for sale in south africa
egg tray machine for sale in South Africa

Paper fruit tray

Pulp-molded fruit trays can be molded into trays with a fruit surface structures for packing fruits such as peaches, kiwis, citrus, apples, tomatoes, etc. They are especially suitable for exporting fruits and can avoid mutual collision damage.

In addition, the paper fruit tray can also absorb the evaporated water, inhibit the concentration of ethylene, prevent the fruit from rotting prematurely and prolong the freshness period of the fruit. All these functions cannot be done by other packages.

Fruit tray 1

Coffee cup carrier

In many coffee shops, we see baristas packing coffee for their customers, they will put a paper tray in the bag first, the purpose of this is to prevent the coffee from spilling. It also makes the cup smoother when placing the coffee. Paper coffee cup holders are very lightweight, odorless, and easy to recycle, making them a popular product in the market.

Coffee carriers 1

Paper seeding tray

Paper pulp seedling tray achieves environmental protection, you can plant the tray directly in the soil when the plant needs to change the pot, avoiding the death of the plant transplant. The pulp seedling cups can be completely decomposed in the soil within 3 months and make the soil more fertile to help the plants grow.

Paper seedling trays
paper seedling trays

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