Nowadays, with global inflation, the prices of various raw materials soared, but the growth rate of production capacity of factories in many countries did not decline. According to statistics, 2020-2021 is the fastest-growing and most expanded year for pulp molding packaging production capacity. Market demand ultimately determines the rapid growth of the paper mold industry.

Molded pulp packaging

As an emerging green product, pulp molding products have a broad application prospect and are suitable for agricultural packaging, food packaging, industrial packaging and medical product packaging, etc. They have full application value.

The biggest highlight of molded pulp packaging is its sustainability and environmental protection. Pulp packaging production will not pollute the environment at all, truly from nature, back to nature, in full compliance with the concept of environmental protection.

Pulp packaging status at present

Molded pulp packaging products include electronic digital product paper trays, watch paper trays, cosmetic paper trays, coffee cup paper trays, fruit trays, egg trays, food hygiene inner packaging paper trays, home appliance products and another packaging.

According to statistics, there are about 45 pulp molding factories producing in China, and the main production capacity is mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi and other places. However, with the growing market demand, the current actual production capacity still cannot meet the needs of the current social development.

From the perspective of market size, according to statistics, the global pulp forming market size was USD 3.4 billion in 2019, of which Asia Pacific was the largest region in the global pulp forming and packaging industry in 2019, accounting for about 40% of the market share. This is mainly due to the high egg production and growing demand for egg trays in the region. The food service industry is growing rapidly and will have a positive impact on the pulp forming packaging market in the coming years.

Future trend of molded pulp packaging

Although the market development potential of China’s pulp molding industry is huge and the market capacity should not be underestimated. Combined with the current situation of the packaging market, the application of pulp molding in agriculture and other related fields will continue to rise. With the continuous implementation of plastic restriction policies in many countries, and assuming that China will strictly enforce the plastic ban policy in the next few years, China’s pulp molding market capacity is expected to reach 238.8 billion yuan by 2025.