Whether it is agriculture or horticulture, we should give enough attention to environmental protection and sustainability. At present, many materials used to cultivate plant seedlings are mostly plastic products that are difficult to degrade, which is very environmentally unfriendly. In recent years, with the strengthening of people’s environmental awareness, paper seedling trays have become very popular, gradually replacing plastic materials.

Introduction of paper seedling trays

Seedling trays are an important apparatus in the production process of factory seedlings. Whether it is flowers or vegetables, cavity trays are one of the most fundamental changes in modern horticulture, providing a guarantee for fast and high-volume production. The materials used to manufacture seedling trays are generally polystyrene foam, polystyrene, etc. Nowadays, as people become more environmentally conscious, paper seedling trays are becoming more and more popular.

Advantages of paper seedling trays

The horticultural industry for seedling cup tray demand is huge, every year hundreds of millions of seedlings are cultivated, then if these seedlings are cultivated with plastic, will be huge pollution, we all know that the general plastic in natural conditions automatically degradation speed is extremely slow, there are up to decades of time may not be completely degraded. If the plastic is landfilled, it will not only take up a lot of lands but also the occupied land will not be restored for a long time, which will affect the sustainable use of land.

So the best seedling cup tray material is to use pulp molding, not only from the material is recyclable, and paper seedling trays in the transportation and use process are very respectively, cup tray degradation cycle of only ten days, and the degradation of components can also be used as fertilizer nutrients for plants.

Compared to plastic nursery trays, paper seedling trays are much less expensive to produce and transport. It is mainly made from waste paper, which is a low-cost and easily available material. The pallets also have outstanding shock and cushioning resistance, and are lightweight and easy to transport.

How to make paper plant pots?

Making paper trays is simple. Shuliy seedling tray making machine can make paper seedling trays from waste paper. There are three stages in the production of seedling trays from waste paper, including pulp making, forming and drying.

1.We often use waste paper as raw material for trays, including old books, old cartons, and so on. The first step is to break the paper into pulp. Generally speaking, the smoother the pulp, the better the final product. For this reason, the Shuliy pallet line is equipped with pulp equipment.

Pulping equipment
Pulping Equipment

2. The pulp-forming system is the core part of the line. The main equipment is the seedling tray making machine. Depending on the design of the forming mold, you can make paper seedling trays, egg trays, cup trays, fruit trays, etc.

Paper plant pots making machine
paper plant pots making machine

3. Finally, wet trays need to be dried. There are three different ways to choose natural drying, brick drying line, and metal automatic drying line.

Egg tray production line

Shuliy Machinery produces paper mold machines our machine is very excellent in the industry, can help customers to produce paper seedling trays, they can meet the production standards of environmental protection paper trays. Welcome to consult us at any time.