Paper pulp molding is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging product, also known as paper trays, which are commonly used for egg trays, cup trays, fruit trays and so on. Shuliy Machinery has been producing pulp molding machines for many years and knows a lot about paper trays, so today Shuliy Machinery will tell you what are the advantages of paper pulp molding.

Raw material and final production
raw material and final paper pulp molding

1.Pulp molding process technology is simple and practical, and the whole production line is pollution-free. Take the production of paper egg trays as an example, only waste paper and water are needed as raw materials, which meet the requirements of clean production. In addition, the operation of the machine is also very simple, employees can master the use after a short period of training.

2. The raw materials for paper pulp molding are widely available and low cost. It mainly uses bagasse, bamboo residue, waste paper, etc. The raw materials can be taken from local conditions.

3. The paper tray has good shock resistance and cushioning, which can effectively protect the products from damage during handling.

4. Compared with traditional packaging materials, such as EPS, EPE foam, etc., the paper tray has a smaller volume and can be stored overlapping, which is convenient for transportation and saves stacking space and transportation cost.

5. According to different requirements of users, various auxiliaries can be added to the pulping according to customers’ requirements to make various paper tray products acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, waterproof, oil-proof, non-leakage and non-deformation.

Shuliy produces a variety of models and sizes of paper tray machines, which can realize high-speed and automatic mass production of paper trays. If you are interested in the paper pulp molding and paper tray making machines, welcome to consult us anytime.