Used cardboard and waste paper boxes are often sold for money as recyclable waste, but their sales prices are very low, and recyclers work hard to collect a lot of cardboard boxes in the end but earn little money. In addition, long-term stacking of cardboard boxes not only covers a large area, but also a large amount of waste piles not only pollute the environment, but also for a long time to cause fires.

If these waste paper boards are used to make egg trays, cup trays or fruit trays, it is a great technology that can recycle waste paper and create new economic benefits without causing pollution.

Shuliy egg trays making machine manufacturers have developed a series of related equipments. For example, paper pulp pool and egg tray drying system. The waste paper is pounded into the pulp, and then the pulp is passed through a special mold of the egg tray machine to make egg trays, fruit trays or cup trays.

Egg trays
egg trays

Due to the low cost of waste paper boxes, the non-polluting process of making egg trays, and the fact that water can be recycled, factories can save a lot of costs and pay higher prices for egg trays compared to selling them as waste paper. Egg trays can be produced by about 5 to 6 people in a staffed machine line. With the attitude of solving problems for our customers, ours not only achieves the recycling of old resources but also creates new economic profits for our customers.

We can provide different types of egg tray machines such as large egg tray machine, medium egg tray machine, small egg tray machine, etc. We welcome your call for more information.