The cost of raw materials, labor costs, energy consumption, and other production-related costs are all taken into account while performing a cost analysis for egg trays. Some of the major expenses involved in producing egg trays are listed below for the egg tray manufacturing plant.

Raw Material Cost

One ton of waste paper can produce 12,000 to 15,000 egg trays, with a material cost of 0.12 yuan per tray. Calculated based on a finished egg tray weight of 80 grams, one ton of waste paper is equivalent to 1,000,000 grams, which can produce 12,500 egg trays. Assuming that the price of one ton of waste paper is 1,500 yuan, the cost per tray is 1,500/12,500 = 0.12 yuan.

Labor Cost

Six workers are needed for air-drying and four for drying using machines. The labor cost per tray is 0.02 yuan.

These data are for reference only, the specific situation needs to be based on the automatic egg tray making machine model and drying method used in the egg tray manufacturing plant, and the difference in these factors will lead to a difference in the number of workers.

Drying Cost

There are multiple drying methods, including air-drying, machine drying, sun-drying, and multi-layer metal drying. Among them, the efficiency of a multi-layer metal drying machine is the highest, it is also suitable for the egg tray manufacturing plant with a large output.

Electricity Cost

The electricity cost is calculated based on the automatic egg tray making machine production volume and the power used. The higher the production volume, the lower the cost. On average, the cost per tray is 0.02 yuan.

Coloring Cost

The cost of coloring is 12 yuan per kilogram of pigment, which can produce 3,000 to 4,000 colored egg trays per kilogram.

Colored egg trays
colored egg trays

Therefore, the total cost of producing an egg tray can be calculated as follows:
Raw Material Cost + Labor Cost + Drying Cost + Electricity Cost + Coloring Cost

For example, assuming a waste paper price of 1,500 yuan per ton and a production capacity of 12,500 egg trays per ton, the cost per tray would be:

0.12 yuan (Raw Material Cost) + 0.02 yuan (Labor Cost) + 0.02 yuan (Drying Cost) + 0.02 yuan (Electricity Cost) + 0.004 yuan (Coloring Cost) = 0.16 yuan


This cost analysis will help the egg tray manufacturing plant to understand the various factors that contribute to the cost of production and make informed decisions to optimize its operations and increase profitability. If you are an egg tray manufacturing plant or interested in an egg crate-making machine for sale, welcome to consult us anytime!

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