If you want to invest in egg tray manufacturing machine price, Here is comprehensive analysis for your profitability. And you will get the range cost. Shuliy egg tray making machines will help you get better results. And we offer the best price in so many manufacturers and suppliers.

Brief Introduction of Small Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

A small egg tray manufacturing machine is a compact and efficient solution for producing egg trays from waste paper. It is designed to meet the needs of small-scale egg tray manufacturers or businesses with limited production capacity.

You can produce egg trays, egg cartons, paper cup carrier, fruit trays and more with 800 to 1500pcs/h. With the customized egg carton mold, your finished products will meet your local market.

Egg tray manufacturing machine price
Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Price

Small Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Price in China

Generally, the egg tray manufacturing machine price ranges from USD 4,000 to USD 10,000. China is a leading manufacturer of egg tray machines, offering competitive prices and high-quality equipment to cater to the needs of both domestic and international markets.

From so many manufacturers and suppliers, you will get the right choice from Shuliy. Shuliy Machinery ranks top 3 in China for egg tray machines.

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Small egg tray machine for sale
Small Egg Tray Machine For Sale

Profitability Analysis of Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Investing in a small egg tray manufacturing machine price can be highly profitable. Egg tray products are in high demand across various sectors such as chicken farms, supermarkets, and egg transportation scenarios, making the egg tray manufacturing machine a lucrative investment.

Our small egg tray manufacturing machine will help you get higher profits than others. With a production cost per piece of just RMB 0.172, the selling price in the Chinese market ranges from RMB 0.272 to 0.322 per piece, resulting in a significant profit margin of RMB 0.1 to 0.15 per piece. You may earn more in your local industry.

As a result, the potential monthly profit can reach an impressive RMB 91800. Certainly, it is an estimated price only. Contact us for detailed egg tray manufacturing machine price and profitability.

Egg trays
Egg Trays

Simple Egg Tray Manufacturing Process Line

The egg tray manufacturing process line involves several key steps. Firstly, waste paper is pulped and mixed with water to form a slurry. The slurry is then transferred to the forming machine, where it is molded into the desired shape of egg trays. Next, the molded trays are sent to the drying system to remove excess moisture and achieve the required strength. Finally, the dried egg trays are stacked and packaged for delivery.

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