Shuliy Machinery is a company that integrated manufacturing and selling. We have manufactured and sold egg carton machines for ten years, our customers are from Zambia, the Philippines, Western Samoa, and many other countries. Today we will introduce you some information on egg boxes and egg carton machines.

Introduction of egg carton

The egg carton is a special container for carrying, storing, or transporting eggs, which is also called egg box. As a result, egg cartons are becoming more and more popular in the market as the demand for eggs increases.

In this context, egg box making machine is in increasing demand, especially for countries with a high demand for eggs, such as Zambia, the Philippines, etc. Generally, egg cartons can hold 12 eggs, but our egg carton machine can customize various sizes of egg cartons for customers.

Egg box making machine
Egg tray

Advantages of egg box making machine

  • Our egg box making machine has a small footprint and is easy to operate and maintain. Employees can operate it after simple training. The paper egg box machine has a long service life and requires little maintenance while you are using it.
  • Shuliy Group’s egg box making machine has removable pulp molding molds that can be changed to produce egg cartons of different sizes. In addition, the molds can be replaced with egg tray molds, and paper egg trays are also a popular product in the market.
  • For our egg box making machine, we have many models to meet the different needs of our customers and support customization. If you have special requirements, welcome to leave us a message, we can customize the egg carton machine molds for our customers.
Customer visiting for egg tray machine
customer visiting for egg tray machine