The egg tray making business is environmentally friendly and profitable, making it an ideal choice for many investors. Some of the egg tray making equipment manufactured by our factory has been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and customer feedback is very good. Recently, our Bolivian customer told us that the medium-sized egg tray making machine exported to Bolivia has been officially put into production.

Why invest in egg tray making business in Bolivia?

The Bolivian client was considering investing in the resource recovery business two years ago but has not found a suitable project. A year ago, he and his friends came to China and participated in the Canton Fair. During the visit to the Canton Fair, he learned a lot about investment projects, especially investment projects of resource recovery.

Egg tray making process
egg tray making process

He found that there are three main types of resource recovery investment projects: scrap metal recycling, plastic recycling and carton recycling. The investment cost of carton recovery is relatively low.

Raw materials for the paper egg tray making business

After earnestly investigating the carton recycling industry, the investment project of recycling carton boxes and processing paper egg trays deeply attracted him. Therefore, after returning to China, he collected a lot of information on egg tray processing and searched for egg tray machine manufacturers through various channels.

The customer stated that his local resources such as waste newspapers and old cartons are very abundant and cheap, and processing egg trays will definitely bring him considerable benefits.

Egg tray making machine for shipping to bolivia
Egg tray making machine for shipping to Bolivia

Details about the Bolivia order of egg tray making machine

After communication, we learned that the customer mainly wanted to process egg trays that can hold 30 eggs per mold, and the average egg diameter is about 50mm. We recommended an egg tray machine with an output of 5400pcs/h according to the customer’s needs.

Because the model of the machine is larger and all made of stainless steel, the price is more expensive. The customer said it could not accept it. Later, based on the customer’s investment budget, we recommended an egg tray making machine with an output of 3000pcs/h, made of carbon steel.

The customer was very satisfied with our quotation, and soon paid us a 50% deposit, and we soon arranged production according to the customer’s needs. About 20 days later, the customer paid the balance, and we also arranged the shipment in time. Now, the Bolivian customer has successfully installed the machine and conducted a series of tests, and decided to officially start producing egg trays this month.