1. What are egg trays?

Egg tray usually refers to the packaging used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs. Its main function is to absorb shock and facilitate transportation and carrying. According to the different manufacturing materials, it can be divided into pulp egg trays and plastic egg trays. The trays for ice cream, coffee cups, and fruits can be made with different molds, and their function and production principle are the same as those for egg trays.

2. Reason for investment

Egg trays has a great large market demand

With the vigorous development of the egg tray industry today, egg tray equipment has undoubtedly become the leader of the industry with its wide range of applications. From a market perspective, in some countries where chicken is the main product, there are many chicken farms. A chicken farm generally has tens of thousands of chickens. A chicken lays one egg a day, and then 10,000 eggs can be harvested a day. If these eggs are to be transported and sold, then egg trays will definitely be needed. Therefore, egg packaging is more widely used.

The pulp molding industry is a sunrise industry with sustainable development.

  • First, the raw materials of egg trays are waste paper, including cardboard, waste carton paper, etc., from a wide range of sources;
  • Second, the production process is completed by pulping, adsorption forming, drying and shaping, etc., which is harmless to the environment;
  • The egg tray can be recycled and reused; it is small in size, can be overlapped, and is convenient for transportation.
  • The investment is small, the molding equipment and process are relatively simple, and the process adaptability is strong. Only by changing the mold, various forms of products can be formed, such as apple trays and coffee trays.