The material of the egg tray equipment is stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, the egg tray machine will not rust. However, if the use or maintenance is improper, or the environment of the egg tray machine is too bad, the egg tray machine may rust. The operator should improve the maintenance awareness of the egg tray machine and do a good job in maintenance. Improper use of the egg tray machine will cause rust and degumming. Attention should be paid to proper usage to prevent these two phenomena from occurring.

  • During the operation of the egg tray machine equipment, it is inevitable to contact with water, which requires maintenance of the egg tray machinery to extend its service life. In mild cases, use a sponge or cloth dipped in alcohol, volatile oil, a mixed solution of alcohol and toluene or acetone to wipe.
  • Since the egg tray machine is to shape the pulp, the pulp is absorbed in the pulp pool, and the pulp will be stained around the egg tray machine. These need to be cleaned in time, not just to ensure that the egg tray machine is clean, if too much pulp is accumulated The residue will wear down the machine.
  • Do not use hard steel wire balls, chemical agents or steel brushes when cleaning the egg tray machine equipment. Use a soft towel, soft cloth with water or neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.