The international market for egg trays and egg tray manufacturing machine is getting better and better with the increase in the number of emerging markets, the continuous innovation of products, and the prosperous development of import and export trade.

There are many players in the international market for egg trays, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Switzerland, and other European countries, but also Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and others.

Why do farms need egg trays?

Raising chickens is one of the projects that make farmers rich. In every village, you will find a chicken farm. It is well known that eggs are a food that breaks easily, so it needs egg trays to help us avoid these problems. The egg tray protects the eggs from outside factors.

For example, the site factors include temperature changes, humidity, and light, which will affect the quality of the eggs. The egg trays can reduce the impact of temperature and humidity changes on eggs reduce. Therefore, farmers can reduce the loss of eggs. Eggs cannot be separated from egg trays and the egg tray market has been on a growing trend.

Factors influence egg tray market status

We will introduce some factors that can explain why the egg tray market is on a growing trend.

  • Growing health consciousness. Growing awareness of the health benefits of eggs has led to a growing demand for eggs in various countries, which explains the rising demand for egg packaging worldwide.
  • Increasing awareness of environmental protection. There are several types of egg trays available in the market, they are paper egg trays and plastic egg trays. Paper egg trays are more environmentally friendly compared to plastic ones because the raw material for these egg trays comes from old paper, old books, etc. It is biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Storage and packaging functions of egg trays. Egg trays are used to protect eggs during storage and transport. They can provide a longer shelf life without exposure to contaminants and moisture.

Egg tray manufacturing machine advantages

The raw materials of paper egg trays are widely sourced and the cost is low. It is made from old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes and other waste paper, which are broken down, screened, added with chemical additives and other processes into a certain concentration of pulp, and then the egg tray machine makes the pulp evenly attached to the molding mold through the vacuum effect, forming a more than egg tray, and then the egg tray is transferred to the drying system to dry the moisture.

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