After years of development, Shuliy Egg tray processing line/ Machinery Factory has been fully equipped, advanced in technology and strong in technical strength. It has successfully developed and manufactured various types of paper pulp molding production equipment, which can fully meet the needs of various paper pulp molding products.

The characteristics of the Shuliy egg tray processing line:

  1. Low cost and mature technology. The egg tray is a part of the pulp molding industry. This industry has been developed in some developed countries for 80 years, with the most mature technologies in Iceland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Using old newspapers, old books, old cartons, etc. as raw materials, the price is lower than other packaging materials.
  2. It is widely used in packaging and transportation of various commodities such as fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, glass materials, toys, electronic components and so on. Gradually replaced EPS foam plastic and plastic materials, not only has good protection and cushioning but also does not pollute the environment.
  3. From the production process, the technology is simple and practical. In each process of the production line, the requirements for the quality of the staff are not very high and can be mastered and applied after a short-term training. In addition, the high localization of its equipment is conducive to the promotion of the project, which is also a convenient condition for the rapid development of paper pulp molding products.
  4. From the perspective of capital investment, the threshold of the pulp molding project is relatively low. Large equipment can produce more than one ton of products per day, and the medium production line can produce tens of thousands of egg trays per day.

In summary, the development prospects of the pulp molding industry are good. The investment in the pulp molding project has good economic benefits and can also contribute to the environmental protection cause. Why not!

Egg tray is a new type of recyclable packaging
The Egg Tray Is A New Type Of Recyclable Packaging

What’s the difference between egg tray equipment?

In the market, the price of egg tray equipment is very different, and the quality of egg tray machines is also very different. So where is the difference?

First: machine materials. Although the overall appearance of the machine is the same, there is no difference, but from a professional point of view, inferior materials will greatly affect the service life of the machine.

Second: the accuracy of each component. Such as the size of the gap between the host and the mold of the egg tray machine, and so on.

Third: the maintenance of the accessories. For example, how should the main and accessory gearboxes be maintained, how the motor is maintained, and how the mainframe is maintained.

Fourth: drying equipment. What kind of equipment is used to dry the egg tray is also one of the reasons for the cost difference.