Due to various influences, the amount of egg tray making machines in Zambia increased, especially in the poultry industry. The Shuliy Egg Tray Making Machine utilizes waste paper to produce egg trays, creating huge profits for Zambian customers.

Rich natural resources of Zambia

Zambia has a pleasant climate, fertile land, abundant water resources, and good natural conditions for agricultural development. Zambia has rivers, lakes and swamps all over the country and is rich in water resources. Surface water accounts for 25% of southern Africa’s surface water reserves, and groundwater resources account for 45% of southern Africa’s groundwater reserves. In the process of making egg trays, a storage tank and a lot of water are needed, and Zambia’s rich water resources are conducive to making egg trays.

Victoria falls in the middle of the zambezi river in africa
Victoria Falls in the middle of the Zambezi River in Africa

Great government support

In recent years, the Zambian government has implemented a policy of giving priority to agriculture and increased investment in agriculture. The Zambian government also attaches great importance to the development of farms. There are 12 state-run farms and countless private farms.

The average farm is mainly engaged in animal husbandry production, with more than 100 dairy cows, more than 800 beef cattle, 90,000 laying hens, 40,000 broiler chickens and more than 700 pigs. In addition to selling these agricultural and sideline products in the market, they are also sold to some local supermarkets and Chinese restaurants, earning considerable income.

Zambia vigorously develops agriculture
Zambia vigorously develops agriculture

High degree of mechanization

Due to their better production conditions and certain sales organization, some of the farmers who are close to the capital and provincial capital can obtain good economic benefits. On these farms, laying hens account for a considerable number, and with it comes the need for a large number of egg trays. These farmers have certain economic strength, and they have equipped the farm with many egg tray machines to help with production. In addition, the booming poultry business has improved the egg tray making business, a complete egg tray production line is equipped in many processing plant. The egg tray has a high degree of mechanization, which has achieved profit growth for farmers.

Chicken farms in zambia are developing rapidly
Chicken farms in Zambia are developing rapidly

Egg tray machine Zambia for sale

The best selling egg tray machines in Zambia are small and medium ones such as one side egg tray machine , including SL-3*1and SL-4*1. The common advantages of these machines are low price and high working efficiency. Capacity ranges from 1000-2000 pieces per hour. There are many other models of egg tray machines Zambia for sale from our factory, each with different output to meet your different needs. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.

Egg tray making machine
egg tray making machine
Eggs and paper egg trays
eggs and paper egg trays