Egg tray machine ( egg tray production line ) is a machine for making paper egg tray, also called egg carton making machine. Since it can also make fruit trays, wine trays, etc., it can also be called a fruit tray making machine.

The egg tray machine uses waste paper as raw material. After the waste paper is made into pulp, it is re-pressed and shaped. After drying, it is made into an egg tray that is common in our daily life.

Since the egg tray machine has a wide range of raw materials and low cost, it has a relatively broad market. Our egg tray machines have been sold to India, Pakistan, Morocco, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.

Recently, this machine is very popular in Pakistan. Many Pakistani customers have asked me how much the price of an egg tray machine is. This article will introduce how much egg tray machine costs.

The shipment of the egg tray making machine
The Shipment Of The Egg Tray Making Machine

Many customers tend to buy cheap machines, and some customers will feel that the higher the price of the machine, the better. What we want to say here is that both methods are incorrect. In the market, we have many different types of egg tray machines, such as one side egg tray machine, four side egg tray machine, eight side egg tray machine, etc. The prices of these machines are different. There are machines ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

But it is worth noting that when we buy the machine, it is absolutely impossible to consider only the price. Many customers leave when they hear that the price of the machine is slightly more expensive than other factories, and do not care why the price is more expensive than other manufacturers.

There are also some customers who just bought a cheaper machine, but caused a lot of trouble in the subsequent use. Due to the quality of the machine, the machine always malfunctions during work. This will not only affect the production efficiency of the factory but also generate a large number of maintenance costs.

Therefore, when purchasing a machine, you must consider it from various aspects, and do not blindly pursue a cheap price.