How to start a paper egg tray making plant?

Recycling waste paper processing paper egg trays is an important and profitable industry. Moreover, the paper egg tray processing business is currently very popular in many African countries. So, how do we start a paper egg tray making plant? And how to make egg trays with the paper pulp processing line?

Egg tray manufacturing process

egg tray production line

The whole eggshell is oval, one end is big and the other end is small. The main component is calcium carbonate, which accounts for 11.1% ~ 11.5% of the whole egg volume. The eggshell can be divided into the upper shell membrane, lower shell skin, and air chamber. After the eggshell is soaked in vinegar … Read more

egg tray machine price in Pakistan

egg tray making machineegg tray making machine

Egg tray machine ( egg tray production line ) is a machine for making paper egg tray, also called egg carton making machine. Since it can also make fruit trays, wine trays, etc., it can also be called a fruit tray making machine. The egg tray machine uses waste paper as raw material. After the … Read more

Characteristics of the Shuliy egg tray processing line

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After years of development, Shuliy Egg tray processing line/ Machinery Factory has been fully equipped, advanced in technology and strong in technical strength. It has successfully developed and manufactured various types of paper pulp molding production equipment, which can fully meet the needs of various paper pulp molding products. The characteristics of the Shuliy egg tray processing line: … Read more

What should you pay attention to when using the egg tray mold?

4 egg tray molds

Machine parts play a vital role in the manufacturing process. Each machine is made up of different parts. If the parts are damaged, it will affect the quality of the goods, reduce the service life of the machine, and even pose a life threat to the workers who use the machine. Therefore, it is very … Read more

Why paper egg trays are more popular?

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At present, the egg trays on the market mainly include paper egg trays and plastic egg trays. In addition to these two common egg trays, there is also an egg tray made of foam material. Foamed toxins are large and easily ruptured during transport, so they are eliminated early. So, the paper egg tray and the … Read more

Overseas Market of Egg trays

The egg tray machine is an environmentally friendly tool for making paper egg trays. The egg tray is made from raw materials such as news paper,grass paper. Countries such as the United States and Japan are the first countries to use egg trays, and the egg tray market in these countries has matured. In recent … Read more

Hot sale machine to invest – Egg tray making machine

Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg tray making machine is a hot sale machine in recent years. With the development of society, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger. When people choose products, they will give priority to environmentally friendly products. In the packaging industry, this machine is increasingly favored by people. The main raw material of the egg … Read more