Bolivian customer started his egg tray making business

Egg Tray Machine For Sale

The egg tray making business is environmentally friendly and profitable, making it an ideal choice for many investors. Recently, our Bolivian customer told us that the medium-sized egg tray making machine exported to Bolivia has been officially put into production.

Nigeria again! — 4 side egg tray machine

egg tray MacKing machine

In June 2019, customers from Nigeria sent us an inquiry about the automatic egg tray machine. He said he owns a chicken farm and wants to carry eggs with egg trays for storage and transportation. He said that at the very beginning, his eggs were sold to some closer place, so the cost of egg … Read more

Customer of the egg tray making machine from Nigeria

In June 2018, a customer in Nigeria wanted to produce egg trays. He is an old customer of our company. This time, because of the industrial upgrading, he wants a larger production line, so he asked Sunny, our sales consultant, about the egg tray making machine. Before that, he had ordered a smaller one from … Read more

Customer for egg tray making machine from Morocco

In March 2019, a customer from Morocco consulted us. He said he wanted to start the egg tray business, and he was a novice in the business and did not know how to start. When we got to know the situation, we told him that we could teach him how to operate the machine and … Read more

Customer from Sudan for egg tray machine from Shuliy Machinery

In December 2018, we picked up Bob at the airport. We take him to our factory. Our sales consultant Sara makes a plan for his demands. Bob comes from Sudan and he decides to open an egg tray production factory. So he comes to China to look for a high-quality egg tray making machine for … Read more